Customize Your Nike Air Huaraches On NIKEiD Right Now

nike air huarache available on NikeID


What are you waiting for?

When it comes to comfort and style, there are very few silhouettes that do it better than the Nike Air Huarache. Lets hail the Sneaker Gods for allowing us to customize our pairs how ever we like. You can create a modern look with Safari print or go for OG colorblocking. Good Luck.

Design your own Nike Air Huarache right now for $140.

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  • omar najeeb

    Oh yeah! Soon as i get off at work im cookin me up sumn.

  • javi


  • Jonesboy

    Good look…

  • tossmysalad

    WOW… NIKE must have fired the fool who thought this was cool to do. This is a classic sneaker that does not deserve to be played out like this at all. NEXT… You’ll be able to ID Air Jordan’s and all you little girls will love that to!

  • tossmysalad

    What’s the point of dropping a ton of different colors and now all of a sudden f*ck it you can create your own. Never ID’d a shoe and never will the whole concept was once exclusive to a select few until bogus focus groups stated otherwise.

  • babyboya187

    Screw you Nike from a Nike Air Huarache Collector !!!!